p. s. we crossed paths at the right time.

my name's aur. i'm twenty years old and a twin. i'm always up for good conversation.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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"Whoever may come in to your life, do not allow them to keep you from following your dream. For one day they may leave, and you are left alone with your sacrifices that you made for them."


Last week,
when I got a tattoo,
all I could think
was that there was now a part of me
that you haven’t touched.

This week,
when I cut four inches of hair off,
all I saw
were the fingerprints of yours
that were now lost.

Last night,
when you texted me at 3:04am
all I felt
was torn
because you only miss me when I’m already gone.


and i’m not sure anymore if that’s love - A.S (via narcol-ptic)

he only wants you when he can’t have you

(via flytoanotherlimit)